Ricard, Geneviève

Collage makes my fictitious imagery a reality, close enough for me to touch. Tearing my paper apart, I release my art, prisoner of my flesh.

A self-taught Quebec artist, I have been passionate about collage for over thirty years. My craze for photography has allowed me to proudly create myself by marrying it with collage.

My inspiration draws from everywhere.

From colours, from scents. From music.
From the warmth of an embrace.
From joy, sorrow, from pain as well.
From every image caught by my eye.

From words.

Those words I love so much.
They express every sensation and if it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a word speaks of a thousand images.


Those images that capture my camera and that I modify to make authentic to my vision. What I prefer in my approach is the moment spent at last decomposing and recomposing the impression.

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Ricard, Geneviève